What Is the Connecticut Mediation Association?

Connecticut Mediation Association (CTMA) evolved from a group of mediators and other supporters of mediation who regularly convened to discuss a variety of issues surrounding the practice of mediation in Connecticut.

After several years of meeting informally, we decided to create a formal organization to further the practice and deepen the integrity of mediation in Connecticut.

We are always pleased to welcome new members to the Connecticut Mediation Association. Please visit our membership page for information about joining the CTMA.

Mediation Defined

“Mediation is a consensual, self-determined process in which participants work together with the facilitation of an impartial, trained third party to address the conflict.”

  Mediation provides an opportunity for participants to:

  • clarify issues and interests
  • express feelings
  • explore options
  • be heard
  • craft a voluntary, mutually agreed-upon outcome

  Fundamental principles of mediation include:

  • balanced and respectful process
  • confidentiality
  • direct or other meaningful participation
  • impartiality
  • safety
  • self-determination