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Brock Hotaling

Brock Hotaling

Coflict LLC Preventive Mediation

Brock Hotaling has 40 years of experience in the sciences of system dynamics and systems anthropology, giving an added dimension to his mediation capabilities, enabling him to discover root causes of human interactions and thus correct situations before they rise to the level of conflict. As the founder of Coflict LLC (coflict.org), he and his team uniquely practice preventive mediation, with its toolset of fair and non-confrontational Dialog-Action-Interaction (DAI) activities to discover and proactively address indicators of future dysfunction or strife.

His team of professional mediators and system dynamicists use simulation models to explore underlying motivations for human behavior and gain insight into alternatives not only for dispute prevention or resolution, but also for enhancing relationships and achieving life objectives.

Brock also has 35 years of experience in resolving financial and technology issues and disputes for corporations, small businesses, non-profits and individuals. He’s worked extensively in Europe, Africa, Asia and North America while using his financial, behavioral, and technology expertise to help remove barriers to success and achieve objectives in a timely fashion.

He has served as Executive Director for non-profits such as the International Visitors Committee of CT, the Alfred Adler Institute of New York, Coflict LLC, and SCORE Greater Bridgeport. With Coflict, he has developed programs in the areas of children and families, life skills and entrepreneurship, relationship building and restoration, and personal hardships and challenges. These programs are uniquely devoted to finding and addressing root causes and using advanced metrics to demonstrate actual progress with clients.

He warmly welcomes individuals, partners, parents, children, or groups of 8-16 into either traditional mediation or preventive mediation programs as an alternative to the current revolving-door programs for anger management, depression, ADHD, family disputes/teen rebellions, addiction interventions, separation and divorce, incarceration and probation, racial and gender conflict, and physical and emotional abuse.

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