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Jud Perkins

Jud Perkins

Perkins Group, LLC

More than 85% successful resolution of over 300 cases mediated in Rhode Island District courts.

Mediated successfully construction disputes ranging from $50,000 to $750,000.

35 years practice of mediating project dynamics between the interests of the owner, construction manager, engineer, architect and operator of projects ranging in value from $150 million to $925 million. Success is measured in never having litigation on any project.

Work History: Construction and Operations, Senior Management Positions with the Walt Disney Company, Madison Square Garden, the National Basketball Association, Mohegan Sun Resort and Casino, Hillwood Development (the American Airlines Arena and Victory Park Development), Scottrade Center (St. Louis Blues Arena), the Sacramento Kings, the Florida Panthers (new Arena), Querencia Properties (Golf Oriented Residential Development).

Mediation Philosophy: Mediation is the first and best opportunity to resolve disputes in the Dispute Resolution Process. A large part of the mediator’s role is to change the tone from winning and losing to mutually resolving to each party’s satisfaction issues between the parties.

Committed to helping the parties’ separate facts from hearsay. Committed to keeping the parties focused on solutions and help them understand the risks and exposures of not reaching agreement.

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